Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Represent, 10 second video clip style

Dear Knittah,

To give you a bit more of a feel of things at the Toronto book launch, Noricum took some videos. Here's the first:

Sadly, after the first, Noricum forgot that when she holds her camera sideways, the camera films sideways. If you get motion-sickness, you may want to tilt your monitor, or watch with your eyes closed:

I'm sorry they're so short and that there aren't very many, but Noricum's camera wasn't meant to be used as a video camera and so has limitations. She also didn't want to use up all the battery and memory before we got to the Spotted Dick.

Okay... now I'm off to upload all the photos so I can blog about them. Wait until you see all the neat people I met!!!


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