Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Watching Fireworks

Watching Fireworks

Dear Knittah,

"South of the border," yesterday was Memorial Day. Up here they have Victoria Day, the queen's official birthday. Although there's been a change in queens since it was created... but Canadians like their holiday in May (it lets them know when to plant the garden and open up the cottage), so they left it the same, including the name.

Noricum had been down south for so long, she didn't remember that Victoria Day had fireworks. We were sitting on the couch (she was working on her talk, and I was working on the toque), and we heard something that sounded a lot like guns being fired. Frequently, and fairly regularly. At first Noricum thought there might be a firing range on campus (although she hadn't a clue why, or why they started using it at dusk), but then I noticed that there were fireworks. I then watched fireworks while Noricum continued to work on her talk. (Don't worry about the toque... it's very close to being done.)

Oh... and instead of Memorial Day, Canadians have Remembrance Day in November. "The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month" they have a minute of silence to remember the horrors of war, and those that made sacrifices for us.


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Knittah said...

Oooooo, fireworks!