Sunday, January 06, 2008

Another year, another road trip!

Howdy Knittah! Welcome, Swatchy Doc! Happy 2008!

As usual, we can't seem to stay in Buffalo for more than a few weeks at a time before leaving town again. For the last weekend of 2007, we drove to New Jersey to meet up with some friends and go to a football game. We know you're not particularly a fan of either of the teams who played, but it was still fun, and the weather was much calmer than our last game.

The first weekend of 2008 didn't involve any sporting events, but it did take us out of the country, to Canada! We love Toronto, and take advantage of any chance we get to visit. Our hotel room had a decent view of the city..

We watched some people enjoying the mild weather on their skates.

We didn't have time to go up in the CN Tower, but we get to use it as a reference point when we forgot what direction we were supposed to be walking in.

Of course, we had to go to Lettuce Knit! Look at their adorable roving trees (and wreath)!!

Inside, we met Denny, and her little animal friend.. Is he a mouse? A bear? Is he Canadian? We never did find out, but he's certainly friendly!

Very, very friendly!

Our 2008 is off to a great start, hope yours is too!

Not So Swatchy

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Knittah said...

Not So Swatchy sure is lucky, getting a little new year's kiss at Lettuce Knit. That LYS is the hotspot for Swatchys!