Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Miss us?

Hey Swatchy fans and friends!
Devon and I are HOME in NJ, safe and sound (for now at least), just for a visit before heading out again!
I have so much to tell you and so many pictures to share! I hope though, that you will forgive my absence and subsequent slowness to post because, well....
There's been a catastrophe!
Don't be so dramatic, it's not that big a deal...
Sure, YOU get chewed on by mice and see how much you like it!
Stop whining, I put your stuffing back in!
It's the least you could do after leaving me alone with the critters..
Yeah, I'm so sorry about that...
It's ok, I kind of like it. A battle scar! Plus, Knittah is making me a band-aid.  So anyway, kids, updates to come soon!
Yours, with a hole, 
Swatchy Prep
P.S. Did you see that new Swatchy Doc? I'd let him patch me up ANYtime... *eyebrows raised suggestively* (you know, if I had eyebrows)


Knittah said...

ROFLOL - Swatchy Prep, you flirt!! Sorry about not giving you eyebrows. Or a mouth. Or hands. But the band-aid is coming, never fear.

noricum said...

Owie!!! Did that hurt?!? I never realized travel was so dangerous. I guess I'm glad that Noricum doesn't take me anywhere too exotic.


magnusmog said...

Horrors! Mice! Get the Band Aid knitted quickly.

Devon said...

ETA: I am just guessing it was a mouse. It was a SOMETHING, that's for darn sure. I found her with a mound of stuffing and thought "How did this stuffing get all over her?" until I realized it was coming from IN her.... eek!