Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Setting Up The New Apartment

Dear Knittah,

I believe Noricum already told you that we're moving to a new apartment? All the space will be lovely after being crammed into one tiny basement room. We're moving slowly, getting things mostly set up before we move what we're using, which will be moved all at once. We also want to wait until the fresh paint fumes fade more. (Noricum has allergies and sensitivities.)

Tonight, after dinner, we went over to the new apartment. Noricum rearranged things in the living room (it's starting to look like a real living room), and I worked on lining the drawers.
Lining Drawers
I think I did a pretty good job, don't you think?
Lining Drawers

That's one down, six more to go:
Lining Drawers



Knittah said...

Very nice job, Swatchy. Just don't get stuck in one of those drawers!

Love, Knittah

noricum said...

I'm very careful to stay on the non-sticky side of the drawer liners! ;)