Sunday, January 27, 2008

Day at the Monuments

On New Year's Eve Day, Eliza and her Welsh friend Madeleine and I took a stroll around the Mall in DC. Madeleine is taking full advantage of all DC has to offer before returning to the UK next month (snif!). We live in the area and do this very a good excuse. And a beautiful sunny day to be walking around.

Madeleine very artistically composed this photo, with the Washington Monument coming out of Eliza's head:

me and swatchy c and wash mon

We strolled down to the World War II Memorial first. This memorial is extremely moving, the more so for the experience of the last few years.

swatchy at wwii memorial

As you enter the memorial, the walkways are lined with bas-relief panels that depict scenes from the war and wartime. Apologies for the resolution--they were a bit difficult to photograph:

This one depicts women serving in the military:

swatchy and bronze

This shows Rosie the Riveter:

swatchy and bronze 2

The following depicts flight crews prepping their bombers, faithful mascot standing by:

swatchy and bronze 3

Here's the fountain at the center:

wwii fountain

From there we walked to the FDR Memorial. This memorial is laid out as a journey through the four terms, highlighting the challenges and accomplishments of each.

Visitors are greeted by FDR in his chair, a modified dining chair:

fdr in chair

Here he is with Fala:

fdr and fala

Here's Eleanor (we tried to capture a lot of the engraved quotes, here and at the World War II Memorial, and just couldn't get good resolution...):



Knittah said...

Eliza, one of my favorite college memories is the day you and I went to the Eastern Market and then walked the entire mall. I miss being able to do that!

Eliza said...

Me too. That was a good day. (Although there was that moment of trauma when you started feeding grandma's buns to the pigeons.)