Thursday, June 05, 2008

And Ravelers Too!

Several Ravelers have made lovely donations to the Botswana project. They don't know me, and just read about this project on one of the message threads on Ravelry. But they have been so kind, and sent lovely things.

tiniestmonkey sent these hats and socks in various sizes. I love the colors!

slippers.jpg hatsscrves.jpg

cloths.jpg anonblank.jpg
All of this came from greenxzebra. Slippers, hats, a scarf, washcloths and two blankets - thank you so much!

kathyitems.jpg kathyjkt.jpg kathyblanket.jpg
YOKathyYO stopped in for a visit bearing these pretties. Bright hat, scarf and mittens; an adorable color work sweater; and the blanket with a zigzag design mirroring the traditional motif in Botswana blankets.

Now that I've shown you everything individually, I'm going to pile everything together and take a picture of our whole batch of gifts for children in Botswana. You won't believe what all this stacks up to be!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the whole pile!!

noricum said...

What lovely projects! (I'm sorry I didn't get around to doing anything after I had said I would...)