Monday, June 02, 2008

First Stack

Knitters are nice people. My proof? The fact that my house is overflowing with gifts for children in Botswana! Here's some of what's come in (more posts to follow):

An adorable stack of 11 baby hats from my very own Mom:

hatstack2.jpg momshats.jpg

Eliza, who hosts Swatchy C, made her very first blanket:


Turtleknits came through in two ways. First, she finished my own garter stitch blanket that had bored me to tears:


And she also sent along two Baby Surprise Jackets:

tkbsj2.jpg tkbsj.jpg

hats and mittens:


AND another blanket!


The items that have traveled farthest are these scarves and hats from Magnusmog in Scotland.

mmogscarf.jpg magnusmoghats.jpg

Thank you Mom, Eliza, Turtleknits and Magnusmog! More to come . . .

1 comment:

magnusmog said...

They have even further to travel now!
I'll get on to knitting a sweater next time :)