Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sunshine in London

Really. I know. But there was lots to be had.

On the first night we went to Kensington to Mr. Tumblyday's favorite Persian restaurant. We sat outside next to this lovely family:

swatchy c at yas

The next day, Eliza and I walked for hours. Really. My feet were killing me. First we walked from the City to the Tower of London. Here's me:

swatchy c at the Tower

And me again, a different angle:

swatchy c at the Tower 2

One of the many great things about London is the juxtaposition of new with Olde (the official term) development. Look what's on either side of the Tower:

Tower and modernity north

Tower and modernity east

I made Eliza take this photo of the weather vane. I particularly like the fish gargoyles... ??

fish wind vane

We continued down the Thames and crossed the Millenium Bridge, with a view back towards St. Paul's:

swatchy c st pauls and the millenium bridge

The Bridge crosses the Thames to the Tate Modern, which was the scene of some fairly, erm, large graffiti-in-progress:

approaching the tate modern

approaching the tate part 2

I love that they have their priorities straight:


The artist at work:

grafitti in the making part 2

And the resulting foot:

grafitti part 3

And it's not even lunch-time yet...Phew. Stay tuned...

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Knittah said...

Yay!! You got the camera driver to work! Oh, and nice pictures too!