Monday, June 16, 2008

Tower of Love

I promised a picture of all the Botswana gifts piled together, but I could barely fit it all together! So here's our final tally:

Three pairs mittens, 2 pairs socks, 1 pair slippers and 5 washcloths (last two not pictured).

Twelve scarves.

Four baby sweaters.

Hats? Oh yeah, we got hats. Twenty baby hats and eleven large hats.

An amazing twenty-six blankets. TWENTY-SIX!

This picture does not do it justice. I crammed everything together in this massive stack, all EIGHTY-FOUR gifts that you have entrusted to me. This is a big ol' pile of love, and I will be taking it to Dr. G on June 23rd. I think he'll be surprised!

I am deeply grateful to each one of you for sharing some of your precious knitting time with the children in Botswana. Each of your gifts will be cherished.

Thank you.


Eliza said...

Thank you for sponsoring/organizing the effort. Fabulous work, everyone! Hopefully we're helping make the world a little smaller--and a little warmer.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!!! I can't wait for them to get here and see the faces of those little ones bundled in warm clothes - it's freezing here. Thankyou all SO much. You really bring warmth to my heart as well as to the children. I will get photos for you. Gill