Sunday, June 08, 2008

iSwatchy Update

Hello Knittah,

My family needs more training in blogging. Yesterday I received the following in an e-mail from my brother:
Mom, Bob and I had lots of fun driving around the hills and down the coast to Monterey to see the Aquarium there.
I responded that I looked forward to seeing photos. His response?
I took iSwatchy but not my camera, so Mom and Bob have all the photos.
Well, at least *someone* had a camera! (And it's cool that he remembered iSwatchy. I suppose I shouldn't be too hard on him.)

My mom sent the photos today. Now, normally when she sends trip photos, she sends great, blog-quality descriptions of their travels. The photos she sent to my brother came with the message:
Here are some photos to send.
The e-mail was sent to both me and my brother, so I responded to all, asking for something descriptive, saying I could put together the post if someone sent the pieces to me. I got:
iSwatchy was at the Monterey Aquarium. That is the only descriptor.

Well, here are the photos:

(From the other e-mail they sent, this is part way up the 8 mile long hill my brother cycles up - a 2000 ft rise. It takes him 1 3/4 hr to ride up and 30 minutes to ride down.)

147CANON-IMG_3042_JPG.jpg 147CANON-IMG_3044_JPG.jpg 147CANON-IMG_3045_JPG.jpg 147CANON-IMG_3055_JPG.jpg 147CANON-IMG_3097_JPG.jpg 147CANON-IMG_3105_JPG.jpg 147CANON-IMG_3159_JPG.jpg

Perhaps my brother will feel inspired to write something more exciting to go with the photos?


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Knittah said...

Despite the lack of descriptors, those are great photos!!!! Thanks for being the post proxy, Swatchy!