Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Dear Knittah,

Guess what I got to do at lunch?!




Knittah said...

Wow! Just like Swatchy Hugz with the ducklings in China!

Celeste said...

boy,i am way behind on the adventures of the swatchy family!

hey! i thought of that photo of the chinese duckies, too, of course!

so, it was great to see all the check ins! swatchy hugz has been bugging me for some online time to catch everyone up on his adventures, but with all the recent hubbub, there's been no time. i told him to hang on for the weekend.

in the meanwhile, hugz & other knitterly greetings to all the swatchies and swatchers out there!

Trevor said...

My sister sent me an e-mail this morning titled “it's a small (knitting? toronto?) world after all” with a link to here on it. She was shocked to see myself and another guy showing up randomly on one of the web pages she follows.

I’d like to thank Swatchy and all the people in the knitting circle for giving us such a great hiding place Wednesday Night.

-the guy on the right, manhunt

noricum said...

Welcome! It was fun meeting you. :)