Friday, October 26, 2007

Heartbroken No More

I told you about how heartbroken I was to miss the Yarn Harlot's appearance in Marlton, NJ. I spent that same weekend bummed that I wasn't at Rhinebeck. I've been reading all your blogs about how much fun you had, and felt left out. Not So Swatchy posted great pictures from her trip to Rhinebeck, including one of the Yarn Harlot waving at me, which definitely helped although I must admit to still feeling a little sorry for myself.

Then yesterday, I got a surprise package from Not So Swatchy and Swatchite Vicki (or shall I call her minion?). Lookee:


From Poland, she brought me candies (I love the one called AHA!), yarn, and that pretty wooden box. But that's not all!


I also received two wee glass owls. Vicki and I agree that the small one looks like Hedwig (the favorite owl of every Harry Potter fan). But that's not all!


A hat from Rhinebeck! I will wear it with pride. But that's not all!


The hat is AUTOGRAPHED by the YARN HARLOT to ME! *boggle* Thank you, Vicki. You made me feel very special, and far from left out!

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vicki said...

You're very welcome. =) *Hugs*