Wednesday, October 17, 2007

So Close, So Far

Part of our ongoing series on life with CFS.

Everybody here at Travels With Swatchy loves the Yarn Harlot. We love her so much that both Swatchy McPhee and Swatchy (the original) have gone to see her. Now she is coming close to my neighborhood.

This Friday, YH will be in Marlton, NJ. I will be just over one hour from Marlton, NJ. But never the twain shall meet.

I cannot drive because of CFS. Going out at night is extraordinarily difficult for me because of CFS. I have been very ill this week, with pain and brain fog especially, because of CFS. And on top of all of that, I made a promise to some of the dearest women in my life that I would spend the weekend with them.

Celeste lovingly badgered me into emailing the Yarn Harlot to see if we could meet up in the afternoon. I was hesitant to ask for that kind of special treatment. Because YH is incredibly awesome, she sent me a very kind reply and actually apologized that her schedule was too crammed for a separate drive-by hug.

If you only understand one thing about life with CFS, understand this: I am unable to travel one hour by car to see the Knitter that I admire more than any other. This is what life with CFS means. I am so close, but may as well be a world away. The number of events (large and small) that I have missed is far higher than those that I have been able to attend. My energy is scarce, and I am still learning to prioritize how I spend it. (Feeling like crap + a promise to my family) / nighttime outing = no Yarn Harlot for me.*

There will be another time, I tell myself. I say that a lot. Does it ease the disappointment of missing out? Maybe a little. Maybe sometimes.

*Noricum, are you proud that I did math?


vicki said...


We're sad that you won't be able to go see the Harlot this time around. (She does travel quite a bit though, so surely there will be another time.)

I know it can't truly make up for going to see her in person, but Not So Swatchy is determined to get a photo with her this weekend at Rhinebeck for you.

noricum said...

I might have done the computation a bit differently. ;)