Thursday, April 05, 2007

Rebecca's Report

Rebecca says:

preknitting.jpg I accompanied Swatchy McPhee to meet the Yarn Harlot in St. Paul, Minnesota on Wednesday. There were about 400 people there. We got there when the doors opened, and already the line was the length of the building. We were jammed in like sardines. Knitting needles were flying all around.

In honor of Stephanie's home country, we sang "Oh Canada" in both English and French. There were door prizes for answering trivia questions about Toronto and knitting, for coming from the farthest, for being a daughter/mother combo (or in one case, a son/mother combo). Swatchy McPhee had an chance to meet lots of friendly knitters.

mcpheeneighbor.jpg mcpheedowntherow.jpg Visiting.jpg

Stephanie came on right at 7:00. She made lots of jokes throughout about being so short. She could barely see over the podium. She talked about stephaniepearlmcphee.jpgCHOKE (Cultural Humiliation of Knitters Everywhere) and how their operatives try to make trouble for knitters. She was brilliant. Her words are funny but also profound, and she mixes in doing good (e.g. supporting Knitters without Borders) with knitting. She explained that knitters are generous and sensitive in supporting such causes because they understand that, one little thing after another, you can make something big. And knitters also understand what trouble is: if you've knitted a sweater all the way, only to discover a significant mistake at the beginning, you have to frog it and everything is lost. Knitters without Borders has at this point raised $350,000 for Doctors without Borders. (It would be wonderful if someone would video her presentations.)

After Stephanie's talk, she signed books. A very helpful woman handled the slips that determined your order in line. I forgot to get her name!

Another very helpful woman moved chairs out of the way so I could navigate my wheelchair through.

Anyway, there was a huge line of people waiting to meet her - of course!

When it was finally our turn, Swatchy McPhee watched her namesake sign her new book: Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off.

I introduced them to each other:

And then the big moment! Swatchy McPhee and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (and the travelling sock) together at last!
And the best part? Stephanie Pearl McPhee said she knew all about Swatchy, and had been looking forward to meeting Swatchy McPhee!

The event was held William Mitchell law school, so after we were done, Swatchy decided she'd like to see what law school is like, so we stopped by the student lounge to visit.

Quite an adventure for Rebecca and Swatchy McPhee both! And we all <3 the Yarn Harlot!


Mary Anne said...

What an awesome experience for Swatchy McPhee! Thank you for sharing the story and the photos.

noricum said...

I know the lady with the slips of paper... that's Shelly Kang (, and she sent me sock yarn scraps for my blankie! We're having a knitalong. :) Shelly's the one who asked the Yarn Harlot if she would ask her readers if they could send some sock yarn scraps, and the Yarn Harlot decided to change that to a call to drown her house in sock yarn scraps!

Liz said...

I'm glad you guys got to meet the Harlot! I almost feel like I was there, too!