Thursday, April 05, 2007

Where Are They Now?

We've been working on this project for less than a year, but many Swatchys are already out there! Let's check up on them:

1. Swatchy lives in Winnipeg with Noricum, and may go to Toronto and New Brunswick in the coming months.
2. Swatchy C lives in Virginia with Eliza, and will be off to Scotland this summer.
3. Swatchy Hugz lives in Pennsylvania with Celeste. I suspect Hugz may be visiting Cape Cod at some point this summer.
4. Swatchy McSwatchypants lives in New Jersey with Knittah's parents. He is just back from a second trip tp Costa Rica.
5. After conquering Rhinebeck and New York City, SwatchGrrl moved to Africa.
6. Swatchy Bean went to Las Vegas and then moved to California.
7. Swatchy McPhee met the Yarn Harlot!

In the Swatchy Queue are Swatchy Mama, iSwatchy, and Cycle Swatchy. I need to get knitting!

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