Wednesday, April 11, 2007

King Tut

Dear Swatchy,

Yo! (that's a Philly-style greeting) Guess where I went with Knittah's mom and dad?


They took me to a museum - The Franklin Institute. There's lots of cool stuff there, including a model of a heart that you can walk through. And I met Ben Franklin, sorta.


We were there to see King Tut. Well, not him. He's dead. We went to see some of his stuff. It was really cool, but no photography was allowed inside. A lady at the start of the exhibit said that if a guard caught someone taking photos, they would "remove" them. Sounded bad, so I stayed tucked away. But I can tell you that there was lots of gold and statues and other cool stuff.

On the way out, we found this cool model of Philadelphia.


It's made of Lego! Cool, huh? A high school student made it for a project, and it's called Legodelphia.

Well, that's it for me! One thing, though. I didn't get a soft pretzel!

Love, McSwatchy


noricum said...

Dear McSwatchy:

No soft pretzel!?!?!?! Oh noooooooo!


Liz said...

Legodelphia? The city of brotherly legos? Pretty sweet looking, though.