Friday, April 13, 2007

Meet Swatchy Mama

I am so pleased to introduce Swatchy Mama:


Swatchys are my proxies in the world. So of course, we need a soccer mom Swatchy. If I were healthy, I have little doubt that I would be a soccer mom myself. This Swatchy was knit on US1 size needles with Patons Grace and Lisa Souza's Violet's Pink Ribbon.

The guardian of Swatchy Mama is my good friend Kathy. We went to law school together, and she has gone on to be not just a lawyer but a soccer mom too. She even drives a minivan. Kathy will be giving us a good taste of normal suburban soccer mom life (although I'm sure she would dispute the normal part).



Mary Anne said...

Swatchy Mama is so cute and I look forward to reading her adventures.

noricum said...

Pretty blue eyes!