Monday, April 23, 2007

Field Trip

mcswatchy2hikingpals.jpgOne thing you have to understand about Knittah's dad, he loves a field trip. That means going out into the woods, walking around and looking at stuff. So guess what we did with the kids from the Bullis Charter School? Yep! First we hiked through mangrove swamps to look for birds, (my friends had to help me over the lava rocks)

mcswatchy2beachclass.jpgand then we went to the beach to swim, snorkel, and check out the tide pools. Can you see me in the picture to the left? I was explaining about all the animals that live in the tide pools.

tidepool1.jpgtidepool2.jpg There's all kinds of cool animals that live in the tide pools. There's spiny sea urchins and snails, and bryazoans.

I got close up to the barnacles to see what they were doing.mcswatchy2barnacles.jpg

The beach is really beautiful, with coral everywhere.
coralbeach.jpg coralbeach2.jpg

coralbeach3.jpgBut if you look closer, you can see that the corals are dying. See how they are turning white? That means they are sick. It's the hot water from El Nino that is killing the corals. Not good. More global warming means more El Ninos and less corals!

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