Monday, October 22, 2007


Howdy Knittah!

So by now, everyone is posting about how awesome Rhinebeck was, how gorgeous the weather was, and how fun the whole experience is. Well, I hope you're not tired of posts like that, because here's another one!

We arrived Saturday morning a little later than expected, and were in the parking farthest away from the main entrance - we were right up against the fence! Luckily, the ground wasn't too wet, so it wasn't a muddy mess walking up to the entry gate.

We'd been in the car for a few hours, and decided to stop at the restroom before diving into the piles of wool. This restroom was the cleanest, happiest public toilet you could ever hope to find. The (hilarious) bathroom attendant was saying things like "Gotta pee? Come see me!", so of course we had to tip her, and she was kind enough to pose for a picture with me.

(Her gloved hand was clean, really. Also, I am adventurous.)

Once that was taken care of, we were off! There were so many buildings, barns and tents full of everything a knitter could want, it was hard to decide where to look.

There were lots of animals around, of course.

Obviously, there are more than just sheep and wool at the sheep and wool festival!

There were also lots of people to see, and I met a lot of interesting folks. (Being a bingo square is a great way to meet people.) I didn't catch this young knitter's name, but she was super cute, and clearly we got along.

In the author tent, we went looking for our favorite knitting humorist.

Stephanie was delightful, charming and witty, as usual. I have the honor of being the third Swatchy to make her acquaintance.

We also came across Anne of Knitspot, who was absolutely adorable, and gracious enough to stop shopping for a moment to chat with us and take a picture.

We met many more people, but the last photo we have is of Mayarn and Jess of Ravelry fame. It's easy to see how Ravelry has become such a friendly, happy, amazing site, with people like this creating it.

Everything about Rhinebeck was better than we could have asked for - we're already making plans to head back for 2008. =)


Casey said...

hee hee. Swatchy never stops making me smile. I hope that Bob and Swatchy can meet someday!

oh - and our friend in the pic with Jess is mayarn .

Devorah said...

It was very cool to meet you and Swatchy!

vicki said...

Thanks Casey - I thought her name started with an M!

(Oh, by the way, that Bob meetup isn't too impossible, since we're planning to move to Boston next year.)


Knittah said...

Yippee skippee happy dance!!!!!!!!

What a fantabulous Rhinebeck post!!!

Ok, hi Stephanie! I told you my minions, er Swatchites, were stalking you! Hi Anne from KnitSpot - I love your patterns! Hi Jess and Mayarn (and Casey)!!!!!!! *waving madly* I am SO excited that Not So Swatchy got to meet you. All Swatchys and Swatchites LURVES Ravelry. (hmm, and a Bob meetup could probably be arranged).

Vickie - you did yourself very proud. Thank you thank you for taking Not So Swatchy with you. I was thinking of you all weekend, trying not to be too terribly bummed about missing Rhinebeck, because I knew YOU were there.


Knittah said...

P.S. Hi ladies room attendant! Thanks for keeping it clean. I think you are the first washroom attendant to make it on the Swatchy blog.

Catherine said...

I loved that washroom attendant. She was singing all sorts of songs. I wish all bathrooms had someone like her!