Friday, December 01, 2006

Quilty McSwatchy

When we last left McSwatchy, he was at Uniquities with Knittah's Mom and Auntie L. After buying yarn, they headed to the Jinny Beyer Studio. This is another one of Knittah's favorite places because Knittah, like her Auntie L, is also a quiltah. Jinny Beyer is a famous quilter and fabric designer. Her studio in Virginia is a lovely store, filled with lovely things.

McSwatchy perched on the mantel to survey the scene. You can see one of Jinny Beyer's fabrics on the wall behind him.

There was lots of fabric.

There was lots of thread.

More fabric!

Some puzzle balls. Knittah was addicted to making these (before she started knitting).

But the most amazing thing McSwatchy found at the fabric store was:
YARN! Apparently, Knittah is not the only one who crosses over.


noricum said...

Oooo... fabric *and* yarn! Yum!!! :) (I think I need to make a puzzle ball!)

Knittah said...

Puzzle balls are super easy, and best for hand-piecing. This was my handwork of choice before the knitting bug bit.