Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Regarding China

I was never that interested in China, until Celeste and I became good friends. I knew the basics of Chinese history, sort of. I had seen movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Raise the Red Lantern, and I found the culture and social customs portrayed to be intriguing. But I've always been more of a European history gal.

Now that I know Celeste and Daniel, I have a personal interest in China and in learning more about it. I want to have a mental map of the country, so that when Celeste says "Chengdu" I know where it is without lugging out the atlas. I want to understand the complex history of China, good and bad. I want to know the details of social customs, past and present, so I can understand where Daniel comes from. I want to see the country and the people that Celeste loves so much.

Will I ever get there? I don't know. I thought travel to China would be hard, but reading Celeste's posts, I worry that it may be impossible. A first class plane ticket may not be enough. What will I eat? How will I get around? Are buildings wheelchair accessible? Would it even be possible for me to travel to Daniel's home village? I think not. When Celeste and Daniel move back there permanently, how will I ever visit her?


JoAnn N. said...

Travel to China may look impossible right now but amazing things have happened in the last 10 years that now allow instant communication with friends and family far away. I remember when Celeste first began travelling and it took so long for a letter to arrive. Thinking of Celeste and Daniel moving to the other side of the world is something I don't like to think of but I hope technology continues to provide ways for us to be together.

Celeste said...

how cool that my MOM posted a comment!

what you say is valid, Knittah, but I think that looking at travel through my eyes may be somewhat skewed. I know a lot of people with different restrictions who travel to China. I don't know anyone who complains about the food there, and with choices like Pizza Hut readily available, there is always something for when you just need to eat something that feels like home.

Finally, just 10 years ago, when I first went to China, it took over 24 hours of travel to reach Beijing. Now it only takes 13 hours of flight time. Things are improving all the time!