Friday, December 15, 2006

Swatchy Hugz sez "bai-bai-le!"

Dear Knittah,

I know you are usually addressed by the Swatch-family-travellers, but tonight you're gonna hear from ME! He's napping in preparation for all the traveling.

Swatchy Hugz has been settling in and we've been getting to know each other. He's already proven to be quite outgoing, so I'm sure he'll do just fine in his travels to foreign lands. He was a big hit with by hubby Daniel and my sister. He begged to come to work with me today, but he's really quite an inquisitive and active character and I had so much work to get done, so I had to veto his petition.

Tonight I spent the evening packing (and re-packing) and deciding how much yarn I can possibly pack without sacrificing my blessed warmth in Chengdu. It turns out that the temps in Hainan, our first destination, have been in the upper 60s and 70s, so it seems it's not going to be as hot as I'd expected. His sweater might just be appropriate!

Anyway I wanted to say a hearty bai-bai from both of us. We're sure going to miss you, and expect to find you in much better shape when we return.

Love you!
Celeste & Hugz

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Anonymous said...

I'm going to miss you both SO much! Hugz was pretty silent here, so I'm glad his personality is beginning to manifest itself. I guess outgoing is a good thing when your name is Hugz. Love you too!