Sunday, December 31, 2006

Catching Up With Swatchy

Dear Knittah,

I'm sorry Swatchy hasn't written much recently. It's my fault, really... sometimes I've been busy, sometimes I've been lazy, but mostly I've been busy being lazy.

On December 23, Swatchy and I went to the Manitoba Legislature:
(You may have noticed these photos sitting in the stream, all lonely and un-blogged.)

A friend of mine does photography as a slightly serious hobby, and wanted to practice setting up shots at the Manitoba Legislature, a traditional place people take wedding photos. She has a wedding she's photographing there next week, and wanted to see how the lighting worked, and also select some nice sites for photos. The following photos of me and Swatchy were taken with my camera, which doesn't do so well in low light at a distance where the flash is useless, but will give you an idea of our day. Swatchy and I were there to act as subjects for the photos, since it's easier to get a feel for the scale and lighting that way. Since I wasn't really actually posing, I brought along my spinning so I could finish up my toque.

Here we are framed by an arch, sitting on a bench:

Aparently this room is good for dancing photos:
It's completely round, with a hole in the ceiling, and a dome several floors above that. It echoes *really* strangely when you're exactly in the center!

This one has a nice setup, if M can tweak the lighting in photoshop:
(Her camera came out brighter, but very yellow from the electric lights.)

The Leg was decorated pretty for the season:

Here's my friend, M:

I thought this was a cute Swatchy shot:

Here we are out front:

Big columns!

This is a view of Winnipeg from the front steps of the Leg:

Anyway... Swatchy and I are now in Montreal. You'd probably have no problem keepin up with us here... we mostly sleep, nap, snuggle, and sleep some more. I don't know *how* I can sleep so much and still feel tired! Yesterday I finally got that "I've slept too much" feeling, so we went to the fine arts museum:
Montreal Fine Arts Museum

Here's Swatchy with an interesting sculpture outside:
Swatchy & Sculpture

This is one of my favourite paintings there:
Shadow Bunny
The father is making a shadow-bunny on the wall. What a happy family moment! Well, I took *tons* of photos... I'll post a selection of them on my regular blog after I'm done writing here.

Swatchy and I send you and your family best wishes for the New Year! Give Nori and Swatchgrrl a hug from us. :)


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