Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Night On The Town

Dear Knittah,

Tonight Noricum, J and I went out to dinner (and dessert!) with friends from out of town. We had a bit of fun with the camera in the hotel lobby while we waited for them to come down:
Hotel Lobby

We ate at a restaurant called "Cafeteria", which is really nice, despite the name. Noricum and I shared a plate of parmesan and fresh herb risotto. We were going to have chocolate mousse for dessert, but it turns out they were out. Instead we had dessert at Cafe Depot, a chain coffee shop.

The camera didn't come out again until we were walking home, and saw some particularly nice street lights:
Street Lights

Noricum thought you might be interested that she's started your sock:
Sock Toe
It's hard to tell with the lighting in the photo, but the colour is really pretty. :)


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Anonymous said...

Risotto is my favorite! (so is chocolate mousse) I love the sock! Swatchy, tell Noricum that Nori has some pictures to share soon.