Sunday, January 14, 2007

Chinese Yarn

Celeste is back from China, as you know, and she found a boatload of yarn in Chengdu. Actually, a suitcase of yarn. She brought it over for me to see (and so we could see each other, btw).

Nori rolled around in the fibery goodness:

and Celeste posed with the yarn for posterity:

because seriously, how could you not have a picture of yourself with the freakin' SUITCASE of yarn you brought back from your trip!


noricum said...


Celeste said...

ha! how fun!

yeah, what nori didn't mention is that it's ALL fingering weight yarn.

that's the punishment you get for grabbing yarn like a madwomam on the morning you are to leave your vacation spot. let all knitters be warned!

noricum said...

Well, if you want, I can make you a pair of socks from some of it. ;)

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmm yarn porn. mmmmmmm

aw C you look so cute in there!

Anonymous said...

n: seriously? you'd make me socks???

k: :o) i think i look very cheek-y. and pink.

noricum said...

Seriously. I'm a sock-making addict, and have more socks than will fit in my drawer. This is good for me: I get to make more socks without having to buy more yarn or find places to keep them. It's good for you: you get handmade socks without the effort. I like to think of it as win-win. :)