Friday, January 05, 2007


Dear Knittah,

Eliza and I continued our Rhine River tour. We had lunch in a heavily wine-themed restaurant in one of the many towns clinging to the vines along the river. We met John and Jo, a lovely American couple visiting their USAF son serving in Northern Germany, across the lunch table over rubber chicken (who knew it was so universal?! it's nice when we can all find common ground, don't you think?):

john jo river cruise lunch

This is the view outside of the restaurant:

river barges by restaurant

After lunch, we journeyed further up the river and then boarded a boat for a leisurely and scenic cruise. One might wish more American towns would emulate the emphasis on beauty over commercialism and auto-convenience:

c and town

another rhine town

The Rhine really is a highway--the barge traffic (both cargo and passenger) is extraordinary, and the Germans even managed to cram a railroad alongside the grapes. Love that German efficiency (and I understand the train was even on time!!):

c train and vines

Perhaps too efficient? I confess I was somewhat alarmed when I watched the following barge pass:

explosief barge

Yes, that's right, "Explosief." Excuse me, but is it really wise to tempt fate? It only got worse when the following barge joined it:

chem safe and explosief

I'm afraid the photo is somewhat fuzzy. Please allow me to assist you: the sign on the blue barge that is passing Explosief says "Chemsafe." German irony, I imagine.

After such excitement, we needed a little something. Gluhwein and chocolate seemed just the thing:

snack on boat

And then we looked for tapestries at the Castle Grunwald:

castle grunwald

It was Thrilling!! (Alas, no Indiana.)

I hope you enjoyed sharing our Rhine cruise photos! Eliza and I wish you could have been there with us!!

love, swatchy c

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