Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Nori Hits the Beach

Dear Noricum,

I had a wonderful weekend! Knittah took me to the Atlantic Ocean. She and Eliza got away for a few days, and I got to hitch a ride.


It was cloudy, but I still like the beach. Not the seagulls, though. They're noisy and scare me when they fly overhead. Anyway, since Knittah was with Eliza, guess who got to come along? Swatchy C! I think Eliza will probably write about all the things that Swatchy C saw while we were there, but here is a picture of us - reunited after her trip to the Middle East.


Now we're back home, and back to the usual routine. Lots of napping, too. I'm glad you and Swatchy are having fun in Montreal!

Love, Nori

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noricum said...

Lucky you! Did Swatchy C have lots of interesting tales of the middle east? It must be fascinatingly different there. :)