Saturday, January 27, 2007

McSwatchy at Work

Dear Swatchy,

You've never travelled with Knittah's Dad, so I have to clue you in. He never stops moving!

Some of the time, people were meeting about The Leatherback Trust. Meanwhile, students were working with the turtles. I couldn’t get any pictures of the turtles on the beach. They come ashore at night, and it’s dangerous to use lights around them. They could get confused. Knittah’s Dad says that when the turtles are done laying their eggs, they go back to the water by following the reflections on the water. The water is lighter than the forest. But if you have a flashlight, or a light on your house inland, the turtles go the wrong way and get stuck in the forest.

Knittah's Dad does all that work, plus he tries to make sure everyone has a good time. That's why we got to take all these day trips. But another thing that happened was everyone got sick! There was a nasty stomach bug going around, and Knittah’s Mom got it a day or so after we got to Costa Rica. She missed a whole day of exploring. But Dad just kept going and going.

He wore me out!

Love, McSwatchy

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noricum said...

Dear McSwatchy,

Thanks for telling me about the turtles... I didn't know that. I'm glad you and Knittah's dad didn't confuse any of them with incorrect lights!