Friday, January 26, 2007

More Skating

Dear Friends,

Boy, McSwatchy, your trip sure sounds fun! Meanwhile, Noricum and I did some more skating last night. This time we went with Noricum's dad to The Forks, where we met up with a bunch of his friends from his singles group. Jennifer wanted to know what Noricum was making (Bron's socks, still not a toque for me), so Noricum passed her the completed sock. Then dad prompted Noricum to show me to Jennifer. (Although he calls me a "muppet".) Jennifer is friendly:
She's legally blind, but has a bit of tunnel vision in one eye. However, besides having to deal with some pressure cracks in the ice (sneaky things!), she skates much better than Noricum. ;)

Here's some photos of the river trail near The Forks:
River Trail
River Trail
(The pressure cracks were mostly near the bridges, of which there are many.)
Here's a map of how far we skated:
What We Skated
(Our route is marked by the white line on the river.)
We didn't make it quite as far as the Osborne Street bridge, because Noricum didn't want to accidentally go too far.
However, she did skate nearly two kilometers round trip.

Afterwards we had some yummy hot chocolate and made-fresh-while-you-watch mini doughnuts!
Here's Noricum's dad (in the orange toque she knit for him... it seems everyone *except* me has a toque by her!) with his friends:

Oh... and watch out! There's a bear at The Forks!
The lights in the trees are pretty, though:


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Those doughnuts look deadly!