Sunday, January 07, 2007

Hugz Returns

Hey you guys!

It's awesome to see that all of the Swatch clan have been out and about in weeks past. Celeste, Daniel and I got back from China on Saturday night, and we were busy unpacking all day long. Celeste is already dozing off, so I only have a few minutes to write.

She's a little embarassed about how much yarn she bought.

We were out of touch because an earthquake in Taiwan disrupted Internet service to China. Now that we're back States-side, I'll have a chance to let you in on all the fun we had in China. For now, we're both pretty tuckered from the 13-hour time difference. Celeste has to work tomorrow, but we'll try to get some photos upoaded and shared with you all!

Swatchy Hugz


noricum said...

Wow! Did Celeste have to buy an extra suitcase for all that yarn?

Anonymous said...

What a cute picture of Hugz with Celeste!

Celeste said...

yes, we DID have to buy an extra suitcase. :blush: