Monday, January 22, 2007

Winter Fun

Dear Knittah,

Ice Climbing
While out and about on Saturday, we saw some people climbing a man-made ice structure. I asked Swatchy if he was interested, but he declined. (I don't blame him!)

Festival Du Voyageur
The upcoming Festival Du Voyageur, for which snow sculptures have started popping up, had him more excited.

For now, we satisfied ourselves with some skating on Sunday:
Ice Skating
(Awww! Swatchy's first time skating!)



Anonymous said...

Awww! Great pics! Don't you look cute in ice skates?

Celeste said...

I can't keep up!

Look at all that snow! Brrrrr! Well, if it's going to be that cold, you might as well get lots of pretty snow to go with it.

again... brrrrrrrr!