Monday, January 22, 2007

McSwatchy Rolls Out

Dear Swatchy,

I’m finally able to post about my trip to Costa Rica. Knittah’s Mom and Dad have finally given her all the photos and notes from my trip. I’ve been dying to tell you all about it!

Here I am with Knittah’s Dad at the airport before we left. It’s a long trip, so we had to get ready. First we flew from the East coast to Texas, and then from Texas to Liberia, Costa Rica. THEN we had to take a van from the airport to the beach. Here I am in the van with everybody. Look at all our luggage!


And here is Playa Grande:

You might be thinking, big deal it’s just a beach:


But Playa Grande isn’t just any beach. It is a nesting site for the great leatherback sea turtles, and that’s why we were there. We were visiting the research station there, and doing some work for The Leatherback Trust. More tomorrow! It was a busy trip.

Love, McSwatchy

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noricum said...

Sea turtles are neat! I saw a small one once while snorkling in Barbados. (I'd sure love to go back to Barbados!)