Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hugz In Hainan

(our taxi driver, who told us all about r-e-a-l life in Hainan. Celeste was a little weirded out by his stories of his mistress, but I thought he was nice anyway.)

Dear Knittah & friends,

We're finally getting a chance to write a bit about our travels to China. As you know, during the week before Christmas, we were in Hainan, staying in Sanya.

Here I am on with a nice lady who wanted to sell us a lot of expensive tea. She thought I was pretty cool.

Celeste found a sea horse on the beach...

Daniel decided that he wanted to visit a shooting range. Here's the floor-to-ceiling sign you see when you arrive, which reads "You are welcome to shoofing here"

Stick 'em up, Swatchy!

Pretty flowers, even in December!

Celeste & Daniel went to a hot spring, but refused to take me along. Celeste said something about the threat of felting, but I was too busy sulking. She did bring some pictures back... one of the gimmics of this particular hot spring is the small fish pools that people sit in and let the fish nibble on their skin... kinda weird, eh?

Next time, I'll tell you about Wu Zhi Zhou island - a smaller island off of Hainan that we all visited together. Coral beaches, crystal waters and lovely pagodas await!

Hope you're well, Knittah!


Anonymous said...

Dear Hugz, That seahorse is very cool. And I am so glad you got to meet so many people on your trip. I have to say that the fish pool thing is grossing me out a little. And I had no idea that Daniel liked to target shoot! The things you learn about someone when you travel together . . . . Love, Knittah

noricum said...

I think the fish pool sounds kind of fun. :) Does it tickle?

Celeste said...

the fish DO ticke, a LOT, especially since they seem to prefer feet. but yes, it WAS kind of gross...

d has always wanted to learn to shoot, but never had a chance before. :o)

Anonymous said...

That fish pool sounds crazy fun. :) what do they eat off of you? weeeeeeird. but cool

shoofing isn't my thing. but glad D had fun ;)