Tuesday, January 02, 2007

On the road again

Dear Knittah,

This is very exciting--my first post! Please let me apologize for Eliza--she's remarkably slow sometimes.

Anyway, Eliza had to take another trip overseas for work, so I got to go along. All things considered, being smuggled into Business Class isn't too bad. We had a crazy couple of weeks before the trip--you know how she gets, and there was all kinds of work to wrap up as well. So you can imagine that we were quite tired--me especially.

Here's me in business class:

swatchy c in biz class

I don't think we were even in the air before I sacked out completely. Too bad I'm so small--seems a pity to waste all that nice legroom. Regardless, I was very comfy:

swatchy c sleeps in biz class

First stop was Frankfurt. Knowing what was ahead, Eliza took full advantage of the free society while she could. Although she spent the days working, we got out and about Frankfurt at night. The first night, we wandered the pedestrian mall and found a nice little wine bar with an outdoor patio. It being Germany and about 50 degrees outside, no one was out on the patio...except, that's right, me and Eliza. I'm sure the Germans thought we were crazy. But Eliza preferred the smoke-free air, and I have to agree with her--that smoke really seems to stay in my hair (must be something to do with the dreads). After I was pretty much frozen, she finally caved and allowed the servers to turn on the heater.

I ordered a very nice cheeseplate and a glass of local German wine:

swatchy c dines in frankfurt

Then the waitress, Mikki, a law student by day, asked for my photo:

swatchy c and waitress frankfurt

After three days of work, the office was closed for a holiday, so Eliza arranged a Rhine river tour for us. It was a lovely sunny autumn day. Turns out an American diplomat, who was doing her darnedest to confirm the world's impressions of Americans, was staying at our hotel and going on the tour as well. She posed with me:

american diplomat

I enjoyed the view immensely:

c takes in the view

c and town

It seems the Germans pioneered high-density, multi-use construction. Here, you see the very practical example of a combination church/bar.

church pub

Hope this starts to give you a taste of the trip. I'll write more later!


swatchy c


noricum said...

Lucky you, getting to ride in business class! I'm lucky if I get my own seat on the plane. ;)

I know what you mean about the smoke... it get's in my clothes, and also really bothers Noricum with her allergies and asthma.

It looks like a fun trip overall! :)


Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures, Eliza! Business class looks pretty sah-weet. And I know how you love the cheese plate, so I'm glad you took a picture of it. I can't wait to see more!

Celeste said...

is there any way we can add a function to sort by swatchy doll?? that would be cooooool. Also, are all of the swatchy posters taking high-res photos? the print-designer in me wants to make sure, so that we can use the photos in print later on.

Eliza! great to see you and SwatchyC! can't wait to keep reading!

noricum said...

I think there will be on the new blogger, but I can't switch yet because my main blog is too big. :P

I'm taking my photos at 2 megapixels, but shrink them 50% before uploading them. I do have the full size photos on my hard drive, though. I was using medium compression, but have now set it to use the least compression.