Thursday, January 25, 2007

Santa Rosa

Dear Swatchy,

After goofing around on the beach and in the forest, we went to Santa Rosa National Park, about an hour away from the beach.

The park is famous as the site of La Casona, which is the hacienda in the picture. That’s where the Costa Ricans defeated an American mercenary named William Walker in 1856.
Here I am on the steps of the hacienda.

There are also some historic corrals nearby. The rock wall was nice and cool.

After we checked out the hacienda, we hiked around in the forest for awhile. Can you see me in this picture?

Isn't that the coolest tree trunk? I forgot to ask Knittah's Dad what kind of tree it is. He was too intent on the historical plaques.

While we were in the forest we saw a coati. They’re kind of like squirrels, but bigger. They are everywhere, and will do anything to get to food.
To be honest, Swatchy, they scared me a little. What if one of them had grabbed me and run off? I'd still be in the forest somewhere!

Love, McSwatchy

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