Monday, December 04, 2006

This Weekend

Dear Knittah,

You would have had fun with us this weekend, if only you could have been here! On Saturday, H, Noricum and I went to Ram Wools, which was having an open house... with all yarn 15% off! Here's the view from the front door, to give you an idea of the size:
Ram Wools Ram Wools
The first photo is looking in from the door straight back, and the second photo looks to the right. So, to get the full size, multiply these two photos together. ;)

It was funny... H and Noricum were overcome by yarn fumes, and so didn't remember to take any photos until we were out in the car and about to leave the parking lot. Noricum ran back in, and took those first two photos. When she got back to the car, H asked if she had gotten a photo of me with the sheep... and so she had to go back in again:
Ram Wools
Then, when she was about to leave the store, the staff asked if she had a photo of the clearance aisle, which she had to back again for:
Ram Wools
Mmmm! Would you look at all that clearance yarn!

Well, finally H and Noricum were done, and we went home to assess the damage. Noricum made it out with some lovely yarn to make her brother a squid toque:
But H bought an avalanche:
(H doesn't knit, but she and Noricum have a deal where she supplies yarn, and Noricum returns it as knitted items. The both think they have the better end of the deal!)

On Sunday, Noricum was so overwhelmed by all the new yarn she barely knew what to knit. (She also discovered that she probably doesn't have the right dpns for the toques.) She actually sat through an entire movie without knitting! She did recover enough by dinner time to work on Durrow, her sweater in progress. We had dinner with a bunch of local knitters who were getting together for a holiday celebration:
Christmas/Holiday Dinner
and I made a new friend:
My New Friend
I forgot to ask for his contact information, though, so I don't know when I'll see him next.



Knittah said...

Those yarns fumes really get to you, Noricum. How do you manage to walk away with such a small purchase, though? I never can!

noricum said...

Strong willpower... and I buy vicariously through H. ;) That, and knowledge of my dwindling savings. :(