Saturday, December 02, 2006

Time Square

Dear Nori,

I've been bad, and haven't written as promptly as I should have. Today I'm going to try to catch up a bit.

On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Noricum took me to Times Square in New York. A friend of hers wanted to see photos of David Blaine who was doing a stunt near there, and she thought I might enjoy seeing Times Square too. It sure is a brightly lit place!
Times Square Times Square

When we spotted the "Charmin Bathrooms" that J had been reading about, we decided we had to test them out!
Oooo! The Naked Cowboy was there too!
Naked Cowboy Naked Cowboy
The Naked Cowboy has been at Times Square for years (according to J), but he's currently helping to promote Charmin. (Normally his underwear is patriotic.)

There was plenty of toilet paper in the stalls:
In fact, there were several people there making sure each stall was cleaned between every use. Noricum's opinion is that the "less is more" slogan really is true for Charmin. :) And yep, they really do have the hokey dance floor with employees and others dancing:

David Blaine was a block away from Times Square, but a Charmin employee was able to tell us where to find him:
David Blaine David Blaine
He wasn't doing anything exciting when we were there, just dangling and spinning slowly. It couldn't have been too comfortable... there was a cold drizzle coming down. (Which changed to cold rain for a brief time later.)

On the way home we stopped at the green market at Union Square to check out the Morehouse Merino booth:
Morehouse Merino Morehouse Merino
Mmmm! Soft yarn! Noricum wants to make something with their yarn, but needs to decide what first.

We also spotted these tent booths at Union Square:
Union Square Christmas Market
which turned out to be a Christmas Market! Noricum took me back after Thanksgiving when they were open, but we had so much fun looking at stuff that we forgot to take photos.

Well, this is getting to be a long letter, so I'll continue with my backlog in a separate letter.



Knittah said...

I think this may officially be my favorite Swatchy post to date. Let me count the reasons:

1. Swatchy at Times Square
2. The (almost) Naked Cowboy holding Swatchy!
3. Charmin bathrooms - never heard of 'em, but a bathroom cleaned between each use? Yeah, baby!
4. Swatchy with David Blaine
5. OMG! Swatchy at Morehouse Merino Farms booth!

Good stuff, Noricum, good stuff.

noricum said...

PS: We tried giving a postcard to David Blaine's employees, but the security guy said that he couldn't take it, and the guy who looked like he was on the production crew said he was busy (covering the logo from the rain) and we chickened out. We didn't try giving one to the Naked Cowboy, because he didn't look to have any pockets. ;)

The Charmin bathrooms are an advertising promotion, and only there for the holiday season.

Anonymous said...

ok, um, who is david blaine?

Knittah said...

Who is David Blaine? He's this "magician" guy who does wild stunts like suspending himself in a clear ball over London for a few weeks and stuff. The Daily Show did a very funny story on him awhile back. He does shows and tv specials and stuff. I don't really get it myself.

noricum said...

David Blaine is mentioned in the song "Tom Cruise Scares Me" too. ;)