Monday, September 17, 2007

The Arts

Dear Knittah,

How are you? Tonight Noricum and I went out to the art club. Since she had finished her acrylic painting last week, she didn't know what to paint... so she started painting me:
Art Club
What do you think? She hasn't gotten very far yet... it took her a while to get started (looking at the art class schedule, thinking about what to paint, getting up the nerve to "mess up" a clean sheet of paper), and then we had to leave early so that her mom could send out an e-mail. (Noricum's mom is on the club executive, and they had a meeting tonight.) She'll probably manage to finish my portrait next week.

Last Friday was pretty exciting around here too. There was filming going on in the neighbourhood for next year's "The Haunting in Connecticut". How exciting! While things were being set up, I snuck in and stole a minute in the spotlight:
Don't I look spooky? Here's some random photos Noricum took:
Later on we got to watch a segment of the movie being filmed. It was where the son was running away from a psych ward to get back to his family. Noricum didn't try taking any photos or movies then... she was worried the film crews wouldn't like it. This seems to have the best information on the movie.

I think the guy said that the other movie we saw being filmed is called Full Of It.

I still have more to tell you about the cabin, and some even older things... I'll try to catch up soon!



Knittah said...

Oooo, Swatchy! Did you see Virginia Madsen or Elias Koteas? I love them! And I think your portrait is very nice!

noricum said...

The only actor we saw was Kyle Gallner.