Monday, September 03, 2007

iSwatchy Lives!

It's been a long and crazy summer, but iSwatchy is alive and well after unexpectedly ending up in Vancouver.

iSwatchy is in Vancouver

He had a great time staying in Coquitlam in a very comfortable room with a lovely host.

iSwatchy knows how to live in Vancouver

Once we were back in Winnipeg, however, iSwatchy helped me set up my new Mac Mini and iPod Shuffle.

iSwatchy chills with his homies

After that, iSwatchy spent a little time kicking it oldschool.

iSwatchy kicks it old-school

Then iSwatchy showed off some of his unicycling skills. I don't know how he rides it so well, considering he can't reach the pedals.

iSwatchy can't ride very well yet, but is making progress

iSwatchy seems to be pretty handy with technology, so I let him give me a hand setting up father's new Xerox colour laser printer.

iSwatchy prints in colour


Knittah said...

Ok, the iSwatchy on a unicycle? Funniest Swatchy picture EVAR! Seriously. Thanks for posting, Nicoya!

Nicoya said...

Thanks! Sorry I couldn't post more, it was a really crazy summer.