Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Cabin

Dear Knittah,

This is Noricum's family's cabin:
When Noricum's grandfather bought the cabin, all that was there was the stone foundation and an outhouse. The rest of the cabin was built and added-on to by him and the family.

One recent addition is what Noricum's mother christened the "$1000 Per Night Suite"... because at a resort, that's the kind of money you'd have to pay for it! It's a screened in porch... and when the weather is warm enough, it's the *ideal* sleeping spot! There's a breeze, you can hear the waves lapping and the loons... heavenly!

Anyway, the $1000/night suite is the addition on the right of the cabin in the photo. Here's the view over the bay from it:
"$1000 Per Night" Suite
Noricum often came out here to escape from the ticking clocks. (Her and her family have a difference of opinion about clocks at the lake... especially the ticking kind!) This was her favourite knitting/reading spot:
"$1000 Per Night" Suite
(The view from that spot is what's shown in the previous photo.) On colder days (we had a bit of a cold snap when we were up there) she'd sit here with a fire in the stove:
"$1000 Per Night" Suite

On warm, sunny days, these chairs on the deck were even better:
Deck Chairs
(This pair is newer than the chair Noricum painted... they're more curvy, and thus more comfortable to sit in.) This is the view from the deck:
View From Deck

Here's the dock where we keep the boats:
Dock and Boats
When Noricum's uncle installed running water, Noricum was sad that the pump was gone. So her uncle added a fish-cleaning station on the dock, with the pump to wash it down:
Fish Cleaning Station

This is the swimming dock:
Swimming Dock
It's nice to have for jumping off of (but too shallow for diving), leaving towels on, and sunbathing. Mmmmm! What a great way to warm up after swimming! (This trip was really too cold for swimming, but Noricum went in for a few minutes anyway... brrrr! the air was 15 C!)

Here's another "view" of the cabin, this time from the swimming dock:
Cabin from Swimming Dock
If you look closely at the little beach, you can see some purple sand:
Beach with Purple Sand
There's a bunch of rocks with garnets (not very good ones) that get ground down... and since they're lighter than the other sand, they settle on top after a storm. Isn't it pretty? I wonder how many places have purple sand?

Now, although you might be looking at the beach and saying that it's not much of a beach... but it's actually really nice for the area. There are very few cabins on the lake with a beach, and most of them had to truck in their sand. The one here is natural... although Noricum's family did dig the shore back a bit, and moved lots of rocks. In fact, the cabin's foundation stones are probably originally from the beach!

Look at how clear the water is!
Clear Water

There are a bunch of flowers planted around the cabin. Noricum's aunt likes gardening and making the place look pretty. She planted all of them.

One time when Noricum's uncle from BC was visiting, he made a horse swing from a tire:
Horse Swing

Quite a number of years ago... back when Noricum was in grade school, her and her family built a new outhouse. This is the wall that Noricum painted:
They still have the old one too, but it's getting quite decrepit. There wasn't any point in tearing it down, and people can use it if there's more than one person that needs to "go" at a time. However, Noricum doesn't like how the floor is rather... um... "spongey"... she's worried about falling through! (It is older than her mother, after all!) The new outhouse also has the feature of a screen door to keep the mosquitoes out, while still having a view. Yes... with no neighbours, you don't need doors for privacy! (Some visitors get a bit nervous, though.)

One more photo for this post... here's the back of the cabin:
Back of Cabin
The addition on the back is called the "summer kitchen". It has the propane fridge and stove, plus a shower. The fridge was moved out there to reduce the chances of carbon monoxide poisoning. (Thankfully we've never had that problem, but it's better to be safe than sorry.)

More posts later!



Knittah said...

I was beginning to think you were in heaven, Swatchy, until I read about the outhouse. LOL! I think that I could very happily live out my days in that cabin, as long as I had a satellite for phone and internet. I could even deal with the outhouse, I think. I've always dreamed of having a cabin in the woods!

noricum said...

What, you don't want a toilet with a view? ;)

The smell isn't too bad if you dump ashes down the hole every so often. It was kind of stinky while we were there, though, because my aunt wants to save the ashes for her plants. We have some sort of chemical we can pour down that neutralizes the smell or something, but my parents never got around to using it, and I was too lazy to find it and figure it out myself.