Monday, September 17, 2007

Not So Swatchy in Poland

Howdy Knittah! I made it to Poland early Saturday morning. There wasn't much room on the plane, as it was nearly full, but at least I had a window seat. The skies cleared as we approached Warsaw, and I got to see the surrounding countryside.

Vicki's cousin picked us up at the airport, and drove us straight to Bialystok to her grandparent's house. After a quick lunch, we went to a soccer game. The final score was 0-0, and I had more fun watching the fans than the actual game. Apparently they like to fight the fans of the opposing team, and the police were ready and waiting with a firetruck to hose them down.

I don't think I'm too sure of how all the rules work, but it was easy to tell what was going on - when the fans were happy, there was singing and dancing. When the ref made a bad call.. well, let's just say I learned a few new swear words.

The next day, we walked around town a bit. Here's the street we're staying on, it's called ul. Przygodna - Adventure Street.

We took a walk to the park, then came back by walking through town, past the museum.

That's all for today - the time change is still messing with our internal clocks a bit, and we're sleeping at odd hours. If I take a nap right now, I might be okay later in the evening. Bye!


Knittah said...

Wow, Not So Swatchy! You are staying on Adventure Street?

I'm glad you got to a soccer game. My husband and I are serious soccer fans. I could have filled you in on the rules if I was there. When I first started watching soccer, I didn't understand the fuss that fans made. But now? I completely understand why fans cry at some losing games. The fighting, I don't get so much. But the passion? Yes!

Where are you in relation to Warsaw? I want to look up on a map where you are.

vicki said...

Yep, we're staying at 19 Adventure Street! Bialystok is northeast of Warsaw, a bit more than an hour's drive east is the border with Belarus.