Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bye-bye Bialystok!

Howdy Knittah!

Somehow it's already time to get packed to leave. Tomorrow we're taking a train to Warsaw, where we'll spend the next day and a half wandering around the city, exploring the Old Town and looking for yarn shops. The weather is supposed to stay nice until Friday, when we fly back home.

The other day, we took a bus out to the end of the line, and went mushroom picking in the forest. My first mushroom was edible, but the worms had gotten to it first.

It turns out that what I'm best at is finding lots of tiny little mushrooms, the sort that you shouldn't eat if you feel like avoiding digestive problems later.

I did manage to find a few more good ones, but we weren't the only ones out in the woods that day. The mosquitoes were fierce, and any time we stopped walking they attacked. We braved the mosquitoes and stopped to take one more picture, with my last good mushroom. No worms either!



noricum said...

Bummer about those mosquitoes! Otherwise it looks like a lovely walk in the woods.

Knittah said...

Oh man, I am a mosquito magnet. I would have been one big hive in those woods.