Monday, September 24, 2007

Oh, Canada!

Here I am waiting at Newark Airport, passport at the ready!Hi Knittah! Well, Devon and I are here in beautiful Toronto...
That's in Canada!
Yes, Devon, she knows where Toronto is. Anyway, today we went to the CN Tower.
This Canadian money looks so funny -- it's all different colors!
Yes, it is. Can I finish telling Knittah about Toronto now?
Oh yeah, sorry.
So the CN Tower is the second tallest building in the whole world.
And they have $1 and $2 COINS instead of bills!
But I want to tell her they're called loonies and twonies.
Are you done now?
Yes. Zip it, lock it, put it in my pocket.

So the view from the observation deck is incredible! You can see for miles -- all of Toronto and out Lake Ontario. We had a drink and a snack at the cafe and sat right next to the wall of windows. I have made great friends with Melanie's 4 year old daughter. She loves carrying me around.
Last night I had sweet potato fries with BLUEBERRY DIJONAISE!
So that's all for today! Good night all! Tomorrow we're going to the Royal Ontario Museum!
WAIT!! Tell her about the black squirrels!!

Drinking some delicious iced tea...
A view of the CN Tower from below -- Whoa!On the observation deck -- there's also a glass floor you can step out on -- it's wild!

TOOOOOO-Ronto! Toronto! I love ya, Toronto. You're only a--

Go to bed, Devon.


noricum said...

Talking about museums in Toronto reminds me of that Ontario Science Center was my *favourite* when I visited as a kid. (I have relatives in Toronto.) We would go *every* time. I haven't been in years, though. :(

Be sure to check out all the great yarn shops in Toronto! (There's a knitting group at Lettuce Knit on Tuesday nights... I think it's Tuesday...)

Korin said...

You've really got to keep that Devon in check. she's a wild one.

Knittah said...

Uh-oh, Swatchy Prep, you might be in trouble! I think you'll have your hands full with Devon (if you had hands). I love your hair by the way. :P

Devon said...

Oh you should see it now! I'll post more pics later.... let's just say a 4 year old got to make her beauty decisions....