Sunday, September 02, 2007

Going To The Lake

Dear Knittah,

Noricum and I had a *wonderful* time at her family's cabin! There was no internet access (there was barely cell phone service) so we couldn't blog while we were there. I'll try to catch up now.

Noricum lives in Winnipeg, and her family's cabin is near Flin Flon.

According to google maps, Flin Flon is "766 km – about 9 hours 29 mins" from Winnipeg. Noricum says it's more like 8 hours of driving, 9 if you stop for lunch.


See that long stretch between the two lakes? It's something like four hours long, with only one place to stop: Devil's lake. Devil's lake used to only have an outhouse and some picnic tables. Now it has a hamburger stop and a pay phone too. Upscale! Since it's near the halfway point between Winnipeg and Flin Flon, that's where Noricum always stops for lunch on the way up. We packed our own lunch, though.

Here's me at the exciting destination of Devil's Lake:
Devil's Lake
Devil's Lake
Devil's Lake

In the background of that last photo you can see Noricum's parent's car and that of their friends.

The next stop is several hours later, at Easterville. It's on a reservation, and there's a gas station by the highway:
Gas Station at Easterville
We didn't need gas, but we used the washrooms. (And bought some chocolate bars... Noricum's mom likes to financially reward places for letting us use the washrooms. If we don't buy gas, we buy chocolate. Noricum has absolutely no objection to buying chocolate!)

We stopped in The Pas too, for gas and food for the first few days. Noricum forgot to get the camera out... but there wasn't anything worth taking a photo of either. Just your standard grocery store & gas station.

Well, that was basically the excitement of the drive up. Noricum didn't do any of the driving... she spent most of it reading or napping. I did likewise.

Oh... I forgot! How could I forget? You can't actually *drive* to Noricum's Family's cabin! We drove to a spot on the lake where they dock their boat, then take the boat from there. Noricum didn't take any photos because she was busy helping unload the car and load the boat.

Next post: at the cabin!


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Knittah said...

I love road trips, love stopping along the way, love lakes . . . I'm glad you got to go, Swatchy!