Saturday, November 04, 2006

A Day On The Town

Dear Nori,

Today I had a fun day on the town! (Swatchgrrl stayed home... it's my turn to have a bit of fun!) Here I am getting ready:
Ready for a day on the town

We stopped in at Katz's to grab a lunch on the go. (J and Noricum had visitors: E, A, and L, and thus various time constraints.)

We met E's aunt in Chinatown, where she decided to visit a Chinese herbalist for her arthritis and a sore throat:
Chinese Herbalist
Next door was a light bulb shop, with lots of bright ideas:
Light Bulb Shop
They can be *so* specialized in New York! The do have some really neat lightbulbs that I've never seen elsewhere.

Here's a fish market where J bought the fish for Wednesday's dinner:
Fish Shop
The blue crabs that were being sorted right there looked like they were still rather feisty:
(Whoops... Noricum should have taken a movie!)

This bucket of live frogs (toads?) was at another shop:
Chinatown truly is a source of bizarre merchandise!

From there we took a taxi(!) to an afternoon play that E's cousin was in. We saw "C4: The Chekhov Project." Noricum took two photos in the theater before the play started, but they didn't turn out very good. However, afterwards I got to meet E's cousin:
Meeting An Actress!
(Wow! A *real* New York theater actress! She thought I was adorable too, and asked if Knittah sold softies like me.) We had some Russian tea together:
Russian Tea

After seeing E off at the bus terminal, I decided to head back for a nap... it sure was an exciting day! However, Noricum, J, A, and L went out for dinner at Ebisu, a really yummy Japanese restaurant.

Tired but happy in New York,

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