Saturday, November 18, 2006

Meet McSwatchy

Introducing: Swatchy McSwatchypants (McSwatchy for short)

McSwatchy measures 4 3/4 inches tall and 7 inches wide (including his legs). He is knit in stockinette from Black Bunny Fibers in Spice Cabinet, leftover from my first pair of socks. His body was knit with US 2 needles and his limbs with US 0 needles.

This design presented an interesting challenge. That challenge being the outcome of having one's husband design something when he does not know how knitted fabric works. And you (meaning me) do not know enough about knitting to figure out the right course of action from the outset. Bottom line - Swatchy McSwatchypants required a lot of knitting, ripping back, knitting, short rows, ripping back and knitting before he was finished.

Swatchy McSwatchypants will be travelling with my Mother. Mom does not want to create a Blogger identity, so I will be posting pictures and notes on her behalf. McSwatchy will be going to my family's Thanksgiving dinner (because I cannot) and to Costa Rica. He should have fun!



Anonymous said...

Och aye the noo! (not sure on the spelling) How do you do McSwatchy Pants!

noricum said...

Another adorable fellow!

Anonymous said...

Could you get hold of some mini bagpipes for him?

noricum said...

Now there's an idea. I could probably make something when I'm back in Winnipeg, if your mom is interested?