Thursday, November 16, 2006

Knittah Sighs

(*sniiiiiiiifffffff*) Mmmmmm, yarn fumes!

I first heard about Webs from the Yarn Harlot. She gave them such a glowing review, and said they were good people. So I checked out the website and have ordered from them. But to see your pictures and hear how nice they are there? It makes me swoon. I think you are right: it would take days to squoosh all the yarn they have. I can't believe you didn't buy anything though!

And Northampton Wools looks like my kind of shop. Cozy and friendly and lots of yarn. The pictures actually remind me of one of my personal favorite shops. I dream of being able to spend a day knitting and chatting in a warm shop like that.

Thanks for taking Swatchy to such wonderful places! And a new Swatchy will be joining the family soon. . . .

Edit: I just found out that the It's a Purl, Man podcast will be interviewing folks from both Webs and Northampton Wools in an upcoming episode.

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noricum said...

Yeah, the owner of Northampton Wools told me that Guido had been by recently interviewing her. :)