Saturday, November 25, 2006


Dear Nori

Noricum and I are sorry you didn't get to try any of the Thanksgiving dinner. If it makes you feel better, I kinda hid out during Thanksgiving too... it was Noricum's first Thanksgiving with J and his family, and she wasn't sure if she was allowed to bring guests. I came too, but hid out in her sock bag, and watched from there. Noricum only got to eat a fraction of the food due to allergies (she's allergic to the soup, stuffing, gravy and several of the desserts that J's mom made), but she has a good time anyway. J's mom was really nice and did her smoking outside. (Again, Noricum's allergies.) We had Thanksgiving at J's grandma's house, since she's a non-smoker and doesn't have cats.

Anyway, today I'm writing to tell you about the fun bike trip I went on with J and Noricum! We biked down 9th Street to Broadway, then over the Brooklyn Bridge to DUMBO. I keep thinking of that Disney elephant, but here DUMBO means "Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass". Our destination? Jacques Torres Chocolate shop!!!
Jacques Torres
Ohhhhhh! The hot chocolate was heavenly! Wicked! We had the hot pepper spiced variety. Mmmmmm!!!!! It *totally* made up for not getting to eat everything at Thanksgiving!

Afterwards we biked down to a local park on the river front. I thought this view of the Brooklyn Bridge looked neat:
Brooklyn Bridge
And wow! What a big barge:
It's being pushed by a tugboat. (So that's why they have the tire-bumpers on the front!)

I got to take it easy, and ride in Noricum's backpack. Noricum, however, had a bit of problems with the cold air and her lungs. Her legs were fine, but her lungs felt like they were on fire. :( I'm sure glad I don't have asthma. I would have taken a turn pedalling the bike, but it's really too big for me, and my feet don't reach.

At least with asthma and allergies, unlike CFIDS, Noricum is able to get out of the house. I'm sorry to hear Knittah is having such a rough time after her trip to Washington. :( I hope you're being good and helping with stuff around the house, or at least keeping her company. (Especially Monday! Wow... that must have been scary!)

Boy, I sure do have lots to write you after the past few days, but I'll break it up into several posts.



Knittah said...

Oooooo, Jacques Torres chocolate. I am a chocolate freak. I probably would have dunked my face in the hot chocolate!

noricum said...

Did you know they sell the mix?!?!

Celeste said...

swatchy's becoming well-traveled, indeed! :D

sorry to hear about the asthma, noricum. i hope the long weekend has been really nice for you!

and knittah, i'm glad that you and your sweetie made some t-day food. i missed having dinner with your family this year!

noricum said...

Eh, my asthma is pretty good compared to most... but day's like yesterday it still sucks. :P