Tuesday, November 28, 2006

From Swatchy

New York Sunrise

Dear Nori,

There was a beautiful sunrise in New York the day we left. I think the sun has risen in Winnipeg now, but it's snowy and not very bright out. Noricum plans to go out and shovel snow, then has a doctor appointment. I'm thinking of staying in bed and catching up with all of my correspondance from last week. However, I still need some help from Noricum to use the computer, so maybe that'll have to wait until she's done with some of her stuff today. Perhaps she'll help me while she reformats her old laptop for her cousin.


Snowy Morning in Winnipeg


Knittah said...

Snow? I'm jealous. It's too warm for November here.

Anonymous said...

good thing Swatchy's in wool! It sure looks cold up there!